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Amaris Terminal is recognised by Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority as a dedicated export and import container terminal providing all terminal related services including Container Handling, Storage, Container Sales, Maintenance and Repairs, Warehousing, Space for Stuffing of Cargo, Reefer Plugging, Monitoring, Washing and Pre-Trip Inspection Services, Trucking Services as well as Rental of Equipment and other Export Cargo Facilitation Services like Lashing of Vehicles. We also provide Weighing Services with our weigh-bridge that is well calibrated by the Ghana Standards Authority.

Amaris Terminal is a “state of the art” inland container terminal located about 3km from the port of Tema. We are licensed by GPHA as an export terminal and also GRA Customs approved (Customs Division) bonded terminal.

Our Vision

To become the leading “One Stop” export terminal in Ghana and within the West African region.

Our Mission

To provide all the required export related services to our customers at competitive rates with excellent service delivery and to promote the growth and development of our employees.

⦿ Godliness: The display of faith and integrity

⦿ Our Employees: Our value assets

⦿ Our Customers: Our firm commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction

⦿ Teamwork: Building partnerships, appreciating mutual trust, cooperation and harmony

⦿ Loyalty: Faithfulness to our commitments

Core Values

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