What We Do

Our Services include but not limited to;

Container Storage And Handling

Container Handling and Storage involves discharging and loading of containers, stacking and storage at the terminal and then transporting and evacuating the containers to the port (GPHA or MPS) when the gate is opened. Storage charges apply to containers which remain in the terminal after the stipulated free days.

Refrigerated Containers

These are containers used for cargo which require cold temperature. Amaris has 150 plugs and the capacity for more to handle such containers for export. We monitor reefers 24/7 and also offer PTI (Pre-Trip Inspection), washing and cleaning services.
Faulty reefers can be repaired at Amaris Terminal too.

Container Sales And Leasing

Amaris Terminal also does container sales and leasing at very affordable rates to customers who are in need of empty containers. These containers are sourced from shipping lines and sold to customers.

Container Repairs And Maintenance

Our container Repairs and Maintenance include cleaning and washing of containers as well as the welding of damaged containers. We provide both onsite and offsite services as required by the customer.

Container Weighing

Amaris Terminal also does container weighing with our newly installed state-of-the-art weighing bridge.

Equipment Rental

Our Equipment are available for rental for operations at inland container depots, warehouses and loading areas etc. Our customers include warehouse owners, freight forwarders and agents, exporters, inland container terminals etc.


With over 20 trucks and plans to increase the fleet, we provide the following trucking services; evacuation to and from port, haulage to various regions in Ghana, trucking from private warehouses to the port and many other destinations of choice. We transport both full and empty containers, general cargo, project cargo and loose cargo.

Stuffing And Unstuffing

We have adequate space for positioning and container stuffing. We also provide open space for drying of wet cargo. Some of the commodities include cashew, sesame seeds, broken bottles, agricultural waste and many others. The presence of customs examination officers and government agencies facilitates joint inspection during stuffing.

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