Adopt a street

March 30, 2021

by HR Team

The maiden clean-up campaign dubbed “ADOPT YOUR STREET’ took place on Saturday 9th February 2019 from the street stretching from the Unilever junction to JonMoore.

The initial plan was to galvanize the resources among the three subsidiaries to adopt the roads from Unilever Junction to the Harbor Round about. However, upon preliminary survey, it was realized that the gutters on the main roads were deeper and required a special set of equipment to de-silt.

Therefore, it was agreed that the first clean up would begin from the Unilever Junction to the Grimaldi Junction. The exercise was supported by the COO of the Apex Group Mr Edgar Arcos, and COO of T&L and MD of Amaris, General Manager of Meridian Waste and Branch Manager of OmniBank Harbor Branch.
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